Our staff provides the finest in Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Accelerant Detection, Tracking, Search & Rescue, and Dual Purpose Police K9s. We also offer some of the finest Personal Protection Dogs, adult and puppy, at reasonable prices.

Our training division offers all of the above service for police dog training, as well as pet training, basic and advanced obedience, behavior modification and puppy training. Our methods are based on "We train you to train your dog". This will allow you to maintain your training for the lifetime of the dog after our classes.

Comprehensive Detection Services

K9 Solutions Center offers private narcotics detection dogs for residential, commercial, and industrial locations, as well as schools and public spaces. We routinely perform searches from small residential to large commercial buildings for any contraband including explosives, as well as our experienced executive protection services.

K9 Solutions Center offers highly trained drug and bomb dogs for hire. We also offer a contraband dog, which combines narcotics detection, some explosives, weapons and certain prescriptions commonly abused. Our handlers all hold a National Certification through the American Working Dog Council, and have to re-certify every year.

We utilize the most recent methods in our drug dog training. Very few private drug inspection K9 services offer the national certification and the experience of our handlers. Our company has over 55 years of combined experience with our primary handlers, and we have been in business since 2001.

Our handlers offer on site field testing of substances found. We currently use the NIK testing system for the confirmation of suspect substances.