Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner serves as President of K9 Solutions Center. Jeff started K9 Solutions Center early 2001, with the intent of providing private drug sweeps. It has evolved over time into what it is today, a multi-faceted company that provides Police K9 Training, Drugs in the workplace solutions, public dog training, search and rescue, and even IT applications.

Jeff has over 15 years experience handling a dual purpose K9. In his career he has handled three dual-purpose dogs, and established four successful K9 Units for agencies. Jeff Turner has also assisted in implementing the units, writing and reviewing K9 Policy, including writing K9 policy to meet CLEA accreditation standards. Jeff has served as a K9 handler, trainer, and department trainer. He has also served on a county drug task force, department highway interdiction unit, and a federal fugitive apprehension task force.

Jeff still serves as a Police K9 Handler with a municipal department in Ohio, and works a dual purpose Belgian Malinois.  Jeff serves as the president of the American Working Dog Council as well. The AWDC is a national council that was formed to create a guideline for working dog trainers.  Jeff strives each day to improve the working dog community.


Chad Spicer

Chad Spicer serves as Vice President of K9 Solutions Center, as well as the training director. Chad handles all of the training courses that are conducted at K9 Solutions Center. He teaches the public obedience classes, handles the behavior modification classes, as well as the E-Collar classes. Chad also assists in the handler schools, serving as a talented decoy. 

Chad has over 10 years experience in Law Enforcement as a Park Ranger, and currently continues to work in the private sector. he is also a graduate of the K9 Solutions Center Police Canine Trainer School, and continues to add classes and training to his resume. Chad also developed a GPS based application for training and testing of tracking dogs.