K9 Solutions Center offers a full range of seminars, including Police K9, Search & Rescue, Highway Drug Interdiction, Bloodhound Trailing, Police K9 Problem Solving, Decoy Schools, and more. Any seminar that we host, we can also provide at your location. Contact us for more details.

Spring Workshop Seminar - $75
(limited to 25 teams)

• Tracking - Scent descrimination and ground disturbance
• Narcotics Detection
• 4 hour block on highway drug interdiction
• Problem solving in bitework
• Obedience problem solving
• Officer safety and tactical deployment drills
• Decoy Instruction

Mega Man Tracking Week - $250
(limited to 8 teams; certified teams only)

• Wilderness tracking
• Urban tracking
• High conflict areas
• Scent identification
• Scent theory
• Suspect ID drills

Narcotics Detection Problem Solving

• Scenarios will be set up based on what the handler has encountered in the field
• A pre-registration survey will be required in order to help set up scenarios
• Basic narcotics work on boxes and controlled enviroment work available
• Vehicle hides and traffic stop scenarios on the roadway
• Hidden compartment and small hides in vehicle
• Buildings and residential search scenarios

Tactical Tracking Seminar - $250
(all levels of tracking teams welcome)

• Basic tracking evaluation
• Negitave proofing
• Cover team movement
• Handler and officer safety
• GPS and mapping intigration
• Rural tracking tactics
• Scent article selection and management
• Gear selection

K9 Solutions Center Workshop - $75
(all levels of teams are welcome)

• Problem solving on narcotics detection
• Problem solving on tracking
• Problem solving on bite work
• Problem solving on area and building search
• Scenario training for SAR area search
• Scenario training for SAR tracking

Highway Drug Interdiction Class - $300
Dates TBA

• Determine if an investigation should and can continue after a traffic stop
• Utilize documented traffic stop information in such a way that it can be used in court to
justify related investigations
• Identify indicators of suspicious behavior, deceptive statements and actions, and
suspicious nonverbal indicators
• Identify the most favorable locations to conduct an interview, and know the procedures for
separating the occupants prior to the interview
• Identify potential hidden compartments in cars, trucks and commercial vehicles for
containing contraband or currency and techniques for determining such
• Utilize highway interdiction techniques to ensure the safety of officers, drivers and